The history of piano repertoire in two concerts, from classic to contemporary composers.

Variations - M.I.T. Museum

Visualizing tiny differences in three performances of Anton Webern's Op. 27 Piano Variations.
Variations is a computational system that visualizes and synchronizes with audio three pianists' performances of Webern's Op. 27, movement one. These visualizations go beyond traditional musical scores: the exact timing of each note is shown, and louder notes are bigger and blacker, while softer notes are smaller and lighter. The piece has been broken into phrases, and the visualization shows how each of the three performers - Bryan Kelly, Sangyoung Kim and Paola Visconti - plays each phrase of the piece, one phrase at a time.

Luigi Manenti - complete piano works

Paola Visconti proposes a concert program based on Luigi Manenti's (1899 - 1980) complete piano works, including unpublished pieces.
The program can be either monographic or miscellaneous, with a selection of pieces by other Brescian composers of 20th Century: Franco Margola (1908 - 1992) and Camillo Togni (1922 - 1993).